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Greenline Supervisor "Up 'Til Dawn" For St. Jude Fundraising

On November 6th, Greenline supervisor Tara Kujawa did not sleep. She wasn’t studying for a test or writing a paper due the next morning, however. Tara was staying up to support children burdened with cancer.

For three years, Kujawa has been a part of St. Jude’s “Up ‘til Dawn” event, which is an event consisting of college students across the United States raising money for the St. Jude Research Hospital by staying up all night. According to their website, “St. Jude research helps improve the lives of sick kids all over the world.”

For Kujawa, the drive to help this program started in her sophomore year when she heard about the program from a friend. “(That year) we raised 100 dollars because that is how much we needed to go to the event.”

The support Kujawa received came from friends, family, and donations from Greenline Staff. “Greenline is a very philanthropic place and we practice what we preach. I came to (Greenline) looking for help and the results were overwhelmingly amazing.”
The second year, Kujawa was determined to surpass her goal. When she arrived at the event in 2014, not only was her team the top fundraising team at the event, she was the top fundraiser. “I raised over 1000 dollars and Greenline helped me raise about 300 of that.”

This year, Kujawa attempted to again raise over 1000 dollars for St.Jude. Days before the event, she was nearing her goal, in part to Greenline employees. “Greenline has been extremely helpful. (Greenline employees) have raised 250 dollars.”
In the end, Kujawa was able to meet her fundraising goal for the event. With the support of Greenline, she was again one of the top fundraisers at the MSU event.

For more information about St. Jude Research Hospital or the “Up ‘til Dawn” event, go to the link here. Also, stay updated on all Greenline events on our blog.