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MSU Greenline Theme Shift Makes History

On April 9 and 10, MSU Greenline was hit with a blast from the past as callers and staff took part in a Historical Figures Theme Shift. With the room covered with portraits of some of the world’s most influential, interesting and infamous characters, Greenliners were able to enjoy this special occasion. As always, teams took part in friendly competition to see which team would win the most points through each night.

The theme shift built team morale and kept spirits high as the end of the semester draws closer. MSU Greenline caller Simone Welborn said, “This theme shift really motivated me to come in. My whole team helped each other come up with our costumes before and I love seeing everybody else’s ideas.”

“Theme shifts give the callers a chance to relate with one another, laugh and make jokes and see the leaders of the program in a more relaxed setting,” said Greenline Supervisor Don Bullock. “It’s a lot of effort to organize theme shifts but it’s worth it if the positive energy built here can carry into the next shift, and the shift after that, and so on.”

Teams competed against each other to win the theme shift, earning points as rewards for performance, or from games like “Find King Tut’s Tomb,” trivia, and Pictionary. “Theme shifts help everyone have fun at work” said Greenline caller Loretta Perkins.  “When you’re having fun at work you do a better job. I like making a difference at MSU, and theme shifts get me even more excited to come in.” The winning team received rewards from local businesses who have partnered with MSU Greenline.

MSU Greenline staff plans out two theme shifts per semester and they have grown into a beloved tradition. Loretta said, “I’d love to see more theme shifts. If they happened more often there would be even more to look forward to.” This past year, Greenline has hosted Halloween and Sadie Hawkins theme shifts, with more planned for the summer.