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Greenline launches "Green Market" program

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MSU Greenline callers now have a new way to be rewarded for their hard work on the phones. Last month, the Green Market, Greenline’s online incentive bank went online. Callers are able to obtain local coupons, gift cards and even an iPod for being great callers.

The Green Market, operated by our promotions department, allows Greenline callers to earn points for completing goals during work hours. Points can be given for pledges earned, attendance, securing a pledge on a credit card or even positive feedback from alumni.

These points accumulate over the semester, with the total points resetting when the new semester begins. Once callers collect enough points, they are able to cash them in to collect incentives. These incentives are often coupons or gift card for local businesses.

Callers are also able to transfer Green Market points to one another. Greenline Promotions Manager Chris McConnell called the Green Market points, “the currency for Greenline,” allowing callers to buy products and barter with their co-workers.
The Green Market is based off a past Greenline program, UDBay. The program worked in very similar ways to the current Green Market. Past callers gained points to buy or trade each semester. According to McConnell, however, some changes have been made.

Callers using the new program will receive more points on average compared to the older UDBay. Callers now receive points for more things, like securing a pledge with a matching gift.

The program is not only a benefit to the callers. By giving callers coupons and gift cards from local East Lansing businesses, Greenline is able to support local shops and restaurants. The traffic from these incentives drives student callers to explore the local business options East Lansing offers.

While the program is just launching, there have already been callers shopping on the Green Market. McConnell believes in the coming semester, activity on the Green Market will pick up even more.