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Giving Back... To the Future: MSU Greenline thanks donors, participates in 2012 Homecoming Parade

In the words of Doc Brown: "If you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?" That is exactly what MSU Greenline did as they participated in the 2012 Homecoming Parade on Friday under the overarching theme of "Spartans Will... Make History."

Fashioning a homecoming float in the form of the ever-so-famous DeLorean from Back to the Future, Greenliners cruised the streets of East Lansing while showing alumni that giving back is what fuels the future of MSU. They wowed parade-goers with the carefully crafted float and music, complete with Greenline's own version of Marty McFly, aka Greenline Shift Manager John Downey who donned a red vest and rode a skateboard throughout the parade.

In addition to the crowd-pleasing float, Greenline employees also connected with onlookers by providing them with the information that proves the importance of giving. Since tuition only covers 69% of an MSU education, generous donors to the university fill this void and improve the MSU experience for many students. Donors are also responsible for the creation of over 3,000 scholarships.

Without the help of these donors, MSU Greenline would not be where it is today, and many students would be missing out on the opportunity to receive a great education. For that, we would like to thank each and every donor for their continued support and for helping Spartans make history by "Giving Back... to the Future".

The live stream from Friday's parade can be found here. MSU Greenline appears around the 8:10 mark.