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MSU Greenline Says Yes To Sadie Hawkins Theme Shift

MSU Greenliners spiced things up for Valentine’s Day on February 12 and 13 with a special theme shift for callers and staff. In the weeks leading up to the shift, the men of the room waited to be chosen by the lovely ladies for the second-ever MSU Greenline Sadie Hawkins Theme Shift. Supervisors decked out the room with balloons and streamers, covering the room in red, pink and white. Candy grams were also sold throughout the week to be delivered during each shift. The proceeds from the candy grams will go toward MSU Greenline’s Relay for Life fundraising goals.

MSU Greenline callers arrived in style, dressing for the occasion in their classiest outfits. Couples were photographed at the official Sadie Hawkins photo booth. The traditional theme shift room competition was played each night, pitting teams against each other in friendly competition. Teams earned points by playing games like “Name That Slow Song,” “Pin The Tie On Your Date,” and “Two Truths and a Lie.” The winning teams received incentive rewards to local businesses.

Rob Surbrook, Assistant Promotions Manager, said, “Theme shifts are a way of saying ‘thanks’ to the callers by giving them a chance to let loose and have fun at work. We try to cultivate a fun workplace, and theme shifts are something everyone can participate in no matter what.”

The people who can get the most out of theme shifts are the callers. MSU Greenline caller Cordelia Breiner said, “The build up to the theme shift made it something to look forward to, with all the girls asking the guys in fun ways. As a room, everyone gets closer and teams make connections too.”

“People are a lot more energized because they really wanted to be here tonight,” said caller Aubrey Minarik. “Theme shifts are why being a part of Greenline is really the best job on campus.”

The MSU Greenline staff put together two theme shifts every semester. Past themes have included: Halloween, disco night and Olympics. Theme shifts can be a way to showcase the fun, creative side of the organization and they provide students with a special occasion to look forward to at work. The next Greenline theme shift will be held in April, taking callers on a journey through time as they dress as their favorite historical figures.