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MSU Greenline Students Give Back, Support Fellow Greenliner

On January 29, 2014 Greenline supervisor Joe Langston’s car was damaged in an accident. Thankfully, Joe was uninjured but his car was badly damaged. Despite the unpleasant incident, Joe arrived on time for his shift and word of his misfortune spread through the office.

That night, MSU Greenline Recruiting Manager Shaylyn Sinclair rallied support for Joe by creating a GoFundMe page to raise money to help Joe get his car fixed. In less than an hour, Greenliners raised $600 for Joe’s fund and broke the goal of $1,000 overnight.

“Joe is one of the most positive people here, I almost cried when I saw how many callers gave to him,” said Shaylyn. “I just wanted to help in any way I could and the fundraiser went beyond anything I expected. Greenliners really know how everyone chipping in a little can make a big difference.”

The fundraiser took Joe by surprise and after collecting a total of $1,395, Joe was able to get his car repaired.

“The MSU Greenline community has been my biggest support system for some time now and honestly, after the accident, I just really wanted to be around my friends. I feel really thankful that not only I work with great people, but they have my back as well.” said Joe. “Thank you to everyone who played a part in helping me out whether it was your prayers, encouraging words, or money. The support you gave me is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me and I'll never forget this!”

 Joe has worked at MSU Greenline for three years. He was voted fall 2013’s Supervisor of the Semester.