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Command Transportation Visits MSU Greenline

On Thursday January 16, representatives from Command Transportation came to speak with students at MSU Greenline headquarters, giving them a look at opportunities within the company. MSU Greenline’s management arranges regular office visits every semester to give student callers a chance to learn about professional opportunities like internships or full-time positions. These presentations cover various topics designed to help MSU students reach their professional goals.

Command Transportation’s presentation focused on how MSU Greenline calling experience translates into valuable skills in the workplace. Their representatives cited former callers working at Command headquarters who specifically named Greenline as a factor in their success. They also spent some time discussing career options with students looking for full-time jobs.

“It is always a pleasure to have businesses visit MSU Greenline because it shows our student employees that they have skills that employers are looking for,” said MSU Greenline Lead Student Coordinator Danielle Matlick. “The work we do on the phones translates to real world professional experience.”

Many student callers at Greenline have discovered a desire to continue working on the phone.  The job that they perform gives them a skill set that translates well over to sales-oriented positions, recruiting agencies or any other organization that requires being comfortable on the phone. For every student caller, the company visits are a great opportunity to network with professionals.