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Student Stories

MSU Promise Scholar's Passion for Giving Back: Andrew Jackson's Story

From raising over $24,000 for MSU to playing IM basketball Andrew Jackson sums up his experiences at Michigan State so far as "life changing".


Shaping the MSU Experience: Danielle Jamrog's Story

As a kid, Danielle Jamrog always had an interest in learning. She yearned for knowledge and constantly sought out new information — especially in the sciences. Despite the years that have passed, she still appreciates the fact that "science really leads you into asking questions and finding more answers."


Paving the Way to Success: Ted Irland's Story

Raised in a family of educators, Ted Irland knew early on that a college education would be in his future. What he didn't know was the profound impact that Michigan State University and MSU Greenline would have on his life.


The Next Step into the Future: Eric Foster's Story

Chemistry Senior Eric Foster spends his time at MSU keeping a balance between both his social and academic life. More than just a student, Eric combines the skills that he learns in the classroom and in the outside world in hopes of becoming a well-rounded individual because he believes that with the help of MSU, all students can "become the ideal adult" that they always "dreamed of being."

From Greenline to Wedding Bells: Josh Droog's Story

"I would not be where I am today if it were not for Greenline." Growing up as a University of Michigan fan, Josh Droog's decision to attend Michigan State University may have come as a surprise; however, he now describes it as "a really smart decision."

MSU Opportunities Extend Overseas: Jeff Goodman's Story

Originally from Ohio, one of the main reasons Jeff Goodman chose to come to Michigan State University was to get away from home. Now with a few years under his belt as a Spartan, his choice has affected him much more than he ever could have expected.

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