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Dress to Impress "Career Day" helps Greenline students with professional skills

MSU Greenline hosted a "dress to impress" theme shift on the 29th and 30th of July. This was an exciting opportunity for Greenliners to dress business professional and take a headshot for their LinkedIn profile.

Callers played themed games when they secured pledges for a quick break from the phones. Games included a business card paper airplane toss, interview and resume trivia and pin the tie.

Each team received a handout to read during the shift about communicating accomplishments at Greenline when searching for a job. Online presence, resumes and interview skills all help to form a first impression with employers.

Kerra Whitmill, the PR/Media Manager and her assistant Eric Straughn took headshots of 47 students to use for their online profiles. The dress to impress shift goes along with PR/Media department project to create the MSU Greenline company LinkedIn page. It will provide an outlet for students to connect with current and former Greenline and MSU Telemarketing employees. The goal is to create networking and recruiting opportunities.

Many students absent for the summer for internships and study abroad trips were disappointed to miss Greenline Career Day. Because of its success and the large number of career fairs throughout the year, the PR/Media department decided the career day shift will be a semesterly event.

For more information about the development of Greenline on LinkedIn, contact Kerra Whitmill at Keep up to date with Greenline by visiting the blog.