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A Night of Celebration


On Wednesday April 13, Greenline held its 19th annual Golden Phone Awards, this is a banquet held at the end of every year to acknowledge the great accomplishments of each caller, supervisor, and manager. This year the programs raised $1,276,945.84 from more than 16,640 donors.

Special guests President Lou Anna K. Simon, April Clobes, President/CEO of MSUFCU, and Brian Keehner, a former Greenliner all came out to thank all of the students for all of the hard work they’ve put in. April Clobes awarded caller Olivia Turfe with an MSUFCU book scholarship and supervisor Nicole Baljet was awarded the Marty Clark Endowed Scholarship from Brian Keener. On wining the MSUFCU book scholarship Olivia stated “Even though I just started working at Greenline, this job makes me feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. The opportunity to be a part of this program, work alongside such great people, and honestly to just be attending this University has all been honor within itself. I love my job, I love my school, and to receive a book scholarship that is able to represent the hard work I’ve put into both is incredible!”

Accompanying these scholarships were various awards given out at the end of each year to recognize individual callers for their exceptional performances. Some of these awards include Most Dedicated Caller, Rookie of the Year, and Manager of the year. This year the recipient of Manager of the Year was awarded to Anna St Andrew. This was the first award she has won since working at Greenline but humbly stated, “I don’t do this for the awards, I do it to improve myself and others” This was Anna’s fourth and last banquet, having worked at Greenline for over four years.

Various other student callers were recognized for their years of service at Greenline as well as the graduating seniors. There was also a special plaque made for two students who recently have each raised over $100,000 during their careers here.

The night ended with some laughs as the traditional banquet video was shown. Callers, Managers, and even professional staff worked hard to put together a humorous video to show everyone what a fun environment and staff they have.

As the academic year comes to an end, MSU Greenline now sets its focus on the summer and the great things to come next year. Follow up with all the future and current Greenline events going on with blog.