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Philanthropy Events

MSU Greenline Gives Back by Helping Animals

MSU Greenline volunteers at the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter (ICAC).


MSU Greenline Full Court Event Raises Awareness for RCPD

This summer MSU Greenline raised over $750 for MSU’s Resource Center for Personals with Disabilities.


MSU Greenline raises over $5,000 for Relay for Life

This spring MSU Greenline raised over $5,000 for Relay for Life nearly doubling their initial goal of $3,000.


Greenline cleans up the Red Cedar River

Students volunteered on Sunday for the annual river clean up.


Greenline Full Court Event Raises Awareness for Flint's Water Crisis

MSU Greenline surpasses fundraising goal for the MSU Pediatric Public Health Fund at Full Court Support.


MSU Greenline hosts food and gift drives for the holiday season

Students donate to HAWK Foundation and Haven House for this year's holiday drives.


Greenline breaks Fall fundraising records for the MSU Counseling Center

Greenline workers watch and play basketball for Fall Full Court Support raising money for the MSU Counseling Center.


Greenline helps the Bailey Tea Project, a growing on campus initiative

Students help produce and package more than $350 worth of tea orders at the Bailey GREENhouse and Urban Farm in Brody Neighborhood.


Greenline students give back more than $1,000 at Full Court Support event

Students raise $1,202 for the Marty Clark Scholarship at their 9th Full Court Support Event.


MSU Greenline surpasses fundraising goal for Relay for Life

Goals for money raised and for volunteer hours reached were exceeded at Relay for Life as we are reminded of those affected by cancer.


Spring 2015 Full Court Support event raises $869 for the Support Our Spartans Emergency Fund

MSU Greenline plays dodgeball to raise money for the student emergency needs fund.


Full Court Support: Basketball raises more than $800 for Community Music Schools

MSU Greenline supports the Community Music School chapters in East Lansing and Detroit.


MSU Greenline Hosts American Red Cross Blood Drive

MSU Greenline attracted over 30 donors at their blood drive at Spartan Stadium.


Full Court Support: Beach Volleyball Raises More Than $1,000 for Spartan Advantage Endowment

MSU Greenline raises more than $1,000 for the Spartan Advantage Fund, benefiting Spartans in need.


MSU Greenline Donates 778 Items to Help a Willing Kid Foundation

MSU Greenliners donated 778 items to the foundation as well as visited with the kids of HAWK.


MSU Greenline Volunteers at Ingham County Animal Shelter and Control's Adopt-a-Fest Event

MSU Greenliners helped the ICAC with their annual adoption event at Potter Park.


MSU Greenline Helps Keep Animals Adoptable at Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter

MSU Greenliners spent a day with the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter staff to help them care for their animals.


MSU Greenline, MSU Association of Future Alumni and MSU Alumni Association Team Up to Revitalize Detroit in Global Day of Service

Greenliners and friends hit the streets of Detroit's Brightmoor neighborhood to make an impact.


MSU Greenline Joins Top Fundraisers at Relay for Life

MSU Greenline showed up to volunteer at East Lansing's Relay for Life on April 28.


MSU Greenline Headed to Detroit for Global Day of Service

MSU Greenline, MSU Association of Future Alumni and the MSU Alumni Association will team up with Motor City Blight Busters for a Global Day of Service volunteer project.


MSU Greenline Hits Their Mark at Full Court Support V Fundraiser

Spring semester's dodgeball tournament saw MSU Greenliners competing for charity once again.


MSU Greenline Collects 766 Donations for Clothing Drive

This January MSU Greenline students collected 766 clothing donations for the needy.


Thanksgiving Food Drive Shows Greenline Giving At Its Best

This year's MSU Greenline food drive provdied a happy holiday for a Lansing family.


Greenline Collects 43 Pints of Blood for American Red Cross

Greenline students held a blood drive at Spartan Stadium to take part in the annual MSU-PSU Blood Challenge.


External Philanthropy Leads the Way for Greenline Giving

Giving back at Greenline doesn't just mean looking for ways to improve the university. It means finding as many opportunities as possible to make the community a better place to live.


Greater Lansing Food Bank and MSU Greenline Feed Families

MSU Greenline students helped out in the community by packaging food for hungry families.


MSU Greenline to Host Blood Drive for MSU-PSU Blood Challenge

MSU Greenline will seek donations for the American Red Cross in November.


MSU Greenline Raises Record Breaking Numbers at Full Court Support IV

MSU Greenline raises more than $1,000 for MSU Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities.


Relay for Life a success, MSU Greenline raises more than $2,500

On Friday, April 19, 2013, MSU Greenline participated in Relay for Life after raising $2,650.70 for the cause More than 60 Greenliners attended the event in support of those who have been impacted by cancer.


MSU Greenline to participate in Relay for Life

On Friday, April 19, 2013, MSU Greenline will join other student and community organizations to support the cure for cancer in Relay for Life. The group has raised more than $2,000 from online gifts, a 'Coin War' and multiple bake sales.


Giving Back Through Spring Cleaning: Clothing Drive a Success

From February 3rd to March 15th, students at MSU Greenline raided their closets and dressers in search of unneeded clothing as part of the second-annual Spring Clothing Drive. After weeks of gathering, the group was able to bring in 1,665 pieces of clothing, shattering last year's total of 506 items.


Join MSU Greenline and MSU Senior Class Council in celebrating Student Philanthropy Day

On Thursday, February 28, 2013, MSU Greenline and the MSU Senior Class Council will join nearly 70 educational institutions worldwide in participating in the first-ever Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day. The initiative is designed to promote student understanding of philanthropy and increase engagement on campuses.


Giving Thanks by Giving Back: MSU Greenline feeds three families for Thanksgiving

As they pulled up to their next stop, MSU Greenline External Philanthropy Manager, Danielle Matlick and MSU Greenline Supervisor, Kate Lower prepared to make a special delivery that would have a huge impact on a family of nine and help to make their Thanksgiving a memorable one. Upon arrival, they were met with the bright faces of seven children and two parents who showed immense gratitude for the gifts that they were about to receive. It was almost like Christmas in this household, with an overwhelming sense of excitement in the air. Despite the Christmas feel, Danielle and Kate carried a different type of cargo. Instead of bearing toys and trinkets, they had delivered a carload of food.

Dodging for the Cure: MSU Greenline hosts Full Court Support to raise money for breast cancer research

On Friday, October 26, Gym 2 at IM West echoed with lines from the movie Dodgeball as MSU Greenline student employees and friends prepared to dodge, duck and dive for the cure as they supported Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Before the competition even began, teams engaged in chants, cheers and competitive banter to increase the intensity in MSU Greenline's second-ever Full Court Support event.


Full Court Support Part II: Greenliners to try their hand at dodgeball

Anyone who has seen the movie Dodgeball will know that: "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball." The students at MSU Greenline may not be practicing with wrenches, but their dodgeball skills will surely be tested on Friday October 26th as they host their second Full Court Support event to raise money for breast cancer research. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, these students will be running, jumping, ducking and dodging in support of the cure.

Full Court Support Fundraiser a Success!

On Friday, September 28, MSU Greenline employees and friends participated in their first-ever Full Court Support fundraising event. Consisting of five on five basketball teams, the event allowed participants and spectators to enjoy a night of friendly competition. The event raised over $400 from student gifts. Donations from this event were used to support the MSU Promise Scholarship Fund, which awards scholarships to undergraduate students at MSU each year.


From Securing Gifts to Giving Back: External Philanthropy department celebrates one year of community involvement

When it comes to giving back to the community, MSU Greenline is one organization that is always prepared to get involved. With the creation of its External Philanthropy department in February 2011, MSU Greenline students have run, walked and donated all for a good cause.

Greenliners Give Back: Ele's Race

Our training manager, Nathaniel Ellsworth ('14 Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy), chose to run in Ele's Race because he understands the importance of its role in the community. Through the James Madison College at MSU, Nathaniel had the opportunity to volunteer at Ele's Place his freshman year cleaning and painting rooms at the center. When he heard that Greenline was participating in Ele's Race, he was eager to help out the cause. Nathaniel has run a lot of races, but he says Ele's Race is unique in that it raises awareness for such a great place.


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