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Donor Stories

A Passion for Fundraising: Danielle Matlick's Story

Danielle worked all through college as a fundraiser, helping to create opportunities for her peers. Since then, she has come to work for MSU Annual Giving and continues to change the lives of students every day, both through her work and by giving back to Michigan State University.


The Nostalgia of Giving Back: Heather Thiessen's Story

Spending her senior year in high school as an exchange student in Norway, it didn't take California native Heather Thiessen long to realize that she wished to attend college away from home. The choice to attend Michigan State, however, came at a later date. It was after learning about the James Madison College, its strong programs and its residential setup that Heather decided that it would be a good fit.


Spartan Pride from the Beginning: Karen White's Story

For some, green and white pride starts early. For Karen White, it was ingrained in her lifestyle from a young age. Over the years, she spent many weekends traveling from Michigan's Upper Peninsula (Manistique) to cheer on the MSU football team. Because of this exposure to Spartan pride and the MSU atmosphere, Karen began thinking of what her life would be like if she too decided to attend. It wasn't long before she realized that she couldn't see herself attending any other school.


Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow: Carol Dent's Story

Growing up in Coloma, Michigan, Carol Dent was always very active in the 4-H and agricultural community. This is how she got her first dose of Michigan State University and the countless opportunities that it had to offer. After attending many events on campus over the years, she fell in love with the gardens and the overall vastness of it.


Spartans Helping Spartans: Stuart Burt's Story

For some, choosing a career path doesn't come easily or early in life. For Stuart Burt, his passion for international relations was sparked while reading the Tom Clancy classic, "The Hunt for the Red October." This interest spurred his desire to attend Michigan State University and enter the highly regarded James Madison College (JMC).


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